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A new ending.

Today marks the end of an eight-month training period on Xert. I started using the dynamic software, with great success I might add, reaching new highs and breakthroughs consistently. Racing in Zwift, I won some races and PRed on an ongoing basis. Yet, something was missing. Xert, being "dynamic" will let you slack off. You can indicate your fatigue level and remain stuck in Endurance training for the entire program, or have only a handful of quality, high-intensity workouts. Also, Xert will ask you "what type of rider do you want to be..." playing to strengths rather than focusing, or clearly identifying, weaknesses to improve. Other than that, which can be solved with a strong will and headstrong obedience, the biggest missing element is Strength.  By Strength, I mean weights and (lean) muscle building, integrated with a cycling training plan. I could never get both to sync even though I can train anyone on the bike, and have years of experience in t