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[ Automatic Transmission Intercepted | Sufferlandrian Inbound]

Good news. If you’re reading this, it means I am still alive. I must have finally found it! My implanted GPS has automatically triggered this post upon my re-entry to Sufferlandria. My physical body must be in the vicinity of the border. Undoubtedly weak, soft, and slow. My mental state and decision-making capacity can not be trusted until a thorough 4DP examination and prolonged intense exposure to Sufferlandrian Holy Water. ...and The Cure, naturally. The circumstances of my return are yet unknown, even to me. These notes were transcribed to the GPS transmitter before I departed from Couchlandria. I was to abide by absolute radio silence and would not risk blowing my cover before completing my mission. ------------ I have not left Sufferlandria. You can never really leave. I’ve gone on an undercover mission to Couchlandria. Primary mission: rediscover my “Why.” With the deconstruction of my Torture Chamber back in October came a forced rest interval of unknown duration. Those are the