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The 4DP Full Frontal test

Yes, you will bleed from your eyes. I used to be fearful of the annual ramp test done for the medical checks. I'd get anxious about it weeks in advance, each winter. But now, it seems like a cake walk.
I spent a week prepping for the Full Frontal. The notorious 1-hour all inclusive fitness test. It's so hard, it has a training plan of its own. This essentially follows a short Sufferfest plan which includes some drills, openers, and mental preparation. The latter made a big difference and I'm surprised how effective it is. I will definitely adopt it moving forward.
The countdown started yesterday with carb loading and setting the schedule for the test.
I used the Sufferfest nutrition guide and supplemented as suggested.
Twenty grams of sodium bicarbonate had me visiting the porcelain a few times, but hey.
Beets, beta-alanine, caffeine, and isotonics on the menu with some honey, a banana, and yogurt for breakfast.
The air conditioning was at full gas, all computers set up (…