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 And so, just ten days after the 10K vEveresting, I set out to conquer a Basecamp challenge IRL. A mini redemption. As it happened, my friends from the club I ride with on/off were planning a cumulative group Everesting challenge tagging it "Neveresting." Sort of like relay, but not. The idea was to split into groups, and each would tackle their portion of the required 20+ ascents of the proposed climb. So groups of 3 would have each rider do seven repeats, 4 would do five each, etc. The nice thing is that they all start together, and the club-ride feeling is maintained because you're continually passing your guys going up and down. This was also a fundraiser, so all the better. As I also happen to be the first international 7Summiting member, I set my goal on the "Mt. Vinson" climb challenge, a mere 4892m. So the plan was to tag along to the "Neveresting" challenge but do my own thing - and that is hit 5000m in total ascent. We hit off at 5 am, in 100