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The Great vOutdoors

#OutsideIsFree they used to say, but it has become rather expensive these days, even criminal. As such, many cyclists have turned to indoor cycling and the virtual world to replace the "outdoors." While some PROs are more than happy to churn away on their indoor turbo trainers, other Professional riders I know said that they started racing professionally for the love of riding their bike; riding indoors on their trainers is not "riding their bike." These Pro Athletes are having a tough time, especially mentally, as maintaining a Pro-level training volume indoors is undoubtedly a challenge if that's not your thing. I won't mention the fact that WorldTour Pros are losing races on Zwift because of inexperience and noob mistakes, we'll leave that for a later post perhaps. Anyway, these are all problems I'm sure we'd like to have - Pro level training volume, albeit indoors. In today's post, I want to walk you through creating workout file

Where the wave finally broke.

It has been an odd couple of weeks. My solitude has been revoked. It's like I had a world to myself, and now suddenly, everyone's come over. What's this? Keep reading. ~30K simultaneous riders on Zwift. Wow. I remember when there were 500. I remember the 1000 milestone. I rode those roads a little after Jarvis on the Open Beta, well before the Ocean Route, KOM & Mountain route, the Volcano, and the Alpe du Zwift, of course. We had the flat route, the hilly route, and figure 8 basically. (Zwift newbies will always complain that there "aren't enough roads"... sheesh, you know nothing). I took a little time off Zwift right after the Volcano release because my 3rd infant had something against me sleeping at night, and I struggled to maintain a routine, let alone train at the level I wanted to. Brief strength/weight sufficed for that period until my comeback in June 2018. I've ridden well over 20,000km on Zwift, unlocked nearly everything, a