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Keeper Of The Cloud

It had never occurred to me to consider what this Cloud was all about. Now I know. It's not about climbing above the clouds, or other astral aspirations. It's not about being high, or similar altitude-related (or dopamine) ambitions. It's certainly not about anything light and soft that carelessly floats where the wind might randomly blow. No, none of those. It's about Winter. It's about Pain and Misery and Agony. It's about Dedication and Consistency and Determination. It's about Commitment and Single-Minded Focus. It is Winter. Dark and cold. The Cloud is a lightning-charged, rain-loaded, heavy cumulonimbus. The sort that rides in slow from the sea, so massive that light cannot penetrate to its base. Looming darkness, low and steady, thunder rumbling far in the distance, as if trying to catch up with the floating behemoth. As it clears past the shoreline, the floodgates open, and rain falls in thick sheets, seeming to flow from an infinite well. The Keepe


Some things must be done. Some things only you can do. Some things can only be done one way. As a Knight Of Sufferlandria , our glorious Nation, I must continuously improve and seek Glory. The path is painful, challenging, and miserable - but I won't have it any other way. Seeking perpetual improvement demands higher and higher goals. And now, at the foothills of my personal Mt. Sufferlandria, a lumpy mound awaits. This bump in the road, a virtually snow-capped knoll of sorts, goes by "Alpe du Zwift" in the patois. And, on June 9th, I'm going to ride it no less than 10 times. Such a feat will get credit both for a vEveresting , as well as a 10K Everesting, AKA "High Rouleur's Society". These past 12 weeks I've been training for a 100 mile (160km) race with The Sufferfest. As part of this plan, I've ridden multiple centuries, imperial and metric, and spent over 6 hours on the longest rides.  So far, the training program I started towards the end o's gone.

Apologies. Been a while. What can I say? Been busy. The COVID-19 "situation" resulted in a spike of internet-related sales, and as a result, professionals such as myself have become extremely busy. I help people on Shopify sort out their online sales, advertising, shipping etc - so what little spare time I had now turned into Work. I'm not complaining.  Well, I am, actually. Don't like work, or to work. Prefer not to, given a chance. Not lazy, just have a hard time with the concept of wasting time on doing things I don't like just to make some money that is spent on things that I don't like or want either (aka "necessities"). Bloody hell, that's what cashflow is good for, but it's the black hole of my financial competence I've only begun to learn at my pristine age. Yes, I've got a BA (magna cum laude) in Business Management but don't know the first thing about budgeting myself, saving, personal financial management or anything in