The 4DP Full Frontal test

Yes, you will bleed from your eyes.
I used to be fearful of the annual ramp test done for the medical checks. I'd get anxious about it weeks in advance, each winter. But now, it seems like a cake walk.
I spent a week prepping for the Full Frontal. The notorious 1-hour all inclusive fitness test.
It's so hard, it has a training plan of its own.
This essentially follows a short Sufferfest plan which includes some drills, openers, and mental preparation. The latter made a big difference and I'm surprised how effective it is. I will definitely adopt it moving forward.
The countdown started yesterday with carb loading and setting the schedule for the test.
I used the Sufferfest nutrition guide and supplemented as suggested.
Twenty grams of sodium bicarbonate had me visiting the porcelain a few times, but hey.
Beets, beta-alanine, caffeine, and isotonics on the menu with some honey, a banana, and yogurt for breakfast.
The air conditioning was at full gas, all computers set up (double dipping - running Sufferfest on one PC and Zwift on the other, recording both but sharing the Zwift workout to Strava hehehe).
Half an hour before starting, which was about two hours after breakfast, I started a Halo Neuropriming session and finished it with the mental focus exercise on Sufferfest.
(Neuropriming has always helped me feel a reduced RPE, beyond the movement learning-benefits.)
Fan on, and away we go.

Starts easy enough which was good because I'm struggling with the trainer in slope mode - too many years in ERG... But I rode Openers in slope just a short while ago, so level 4 seems to be comfortable in terms of cadence, although I did shift to 2 for the recoveries and for the 20min to 3 to find the sweetspot of about 95rpm.

Anyway, sprints came up quickly and I hit those off well, hitting over 1000W which I haven't done for a while.
Short recovery then heading into the 5 min effort, which I dreaded, but prepared mentally for, including a postit note with my best efforts to try and hit during the FF.
Starts Hard gets Harder, but I nailed it. The video certainly helps, seeing Zak time trialing a climb kept me in the right state of mind. I aimed to hit 315W and did (314) - 315 is my best effort this year, from the Bologna TT on Zwift I think.
Next, a 20min FTP effort. While these are never much to look forward to, doing this after an all out 5 min effort is so much worse. 
Nonetheless, I hit my current FTP figures more or less, but it took a huge effort mentally to finish off. The last 8-5 minutes were a struggle, and thankfully watching Sagan on the video did make a difference... Anyway, frothing mouth effort.
Then, short rest and a 1-minute all-out push for everything left. I've never had issues with such intervals, so punched it in the mouth and gave everything I had left.
This is the bleeding eyes part, but it's sweet recovery after :) 80W never felt so good.
I hit Save.

A half second of anticipation, and Sufferfest tell me I'm an Attacker. While I consider myself a climber, I'm not a pure climber and take pride in my ability to sprint on any climb and make huge surges upon will. So yeah, Attacker fits the bill, especially when they say "like Valverde" or "Gilbert". I'm game.
My biggest surprise was my low 5min result, only getting a "modest". What was that all about?!
VO2 Max as a limiting factor? I lab tested to about 70, but still, it is interesting to see how relatively low the 5min is compared to the FTP. 
115% is very low - I did score higher but not by much.
The interesting stuff is that is I want to be a better climber and raise my FTP, it's the MAP I should be focusing on. It's the limiting factor.
Anyway, I'll add photos and graphs, but the next step is to start a 12 weeks program for athletes with VO2 Max weakness. I'll include everything the Sufferfest offers: strength, mental conditioning and yoga.
Let's see where it takes me!

Sufferfest Full Frontal Results 9.5.19