On Your Marks

Just came off the bike after doing "Primers".
This drill "revs up the engine," so to speak by dishing out 4x 3 minutes intervals of around FTP, then 3 low effort sprints.
I vaguely remember from doing this before the previous Full Frontal 4DP Test that these efforts we a bit on the demanding side of things.
Spinning 90rpm at FTP, or just above, for 3 minutes and thinking, "this isn't as easy as it should be... I need 5 minutes at almost 100 Watts more tomorrow!"
I attribute this to the very light days prior: no ride yesterday (just some Yoga) and a 30min Recovery Ride the day before. So legs are a bit "rusty" to the extent that a coat of oxidization only a couple of days old can blossom.

Tomorrow is going to be a blast.

I went through the Mental Toughness Program pre-event work, have my TO-DO for today and tomorrow and getting things in place.
For instance, making sure to supplement and eat/drink enough today, even though it's just an hour-long session tomorrow.
I've been using an old Tacx Flow front steerer for my front fork these past weeks, to give the handlebars movement which I found helpful, and also for the Zwift steering experience. I've replaced it with a front-wheel for tomorrow - as this is more stable and comparable to the previous test.
Hammered (literally, though wooden) the Tacx QR shut. Had enough occurrences of the bike coming off the Tacx Neo in sprints and all-out efforts to risk it tomorrow.

I set my goals for tomorrow's test to improve my MAP from 314W to 330W and my FTP from 268W to 280W.
As a reminder, I'm planning on doing three 12-weeks Sufferfest Plans back-to-back towards my June 2020 goal. This ends Number 1.
If I'm lucky and Bitcoin goes to $Gazillion then I might push that back to Agust 2020, so I can do an event in Switzerland. Right now, though, credit cards maxed out, grocery shopping on cash, and it's more likely that I'll quit all this fun to go full-time work somewhere (any openings at SUFmines?!?).

Got my Essential Equipment List - Done.
Planned out pre-event prep things to do (secure QR, make sure computers are updated, neuroprime, etc..)
Listed all the things that could go wrong (#1: power goes out because of the rain) and what my reaction will be (stop, and save the legs for tomorrow).

Then, I planned out the "event strategy."
For Full Frontal, you have an excellent video/article here:
And since this is my 2nd time, I have "experience" to build on too.

Last time the MAP was very, very hard, but I'm far better equipped, mentally more than anything, to nail it now.
The FTP, on the other hand, lingers in my mind as a huge ask, starting just before the halfway point.
"It never gets easier, you just go faster" might be the outcome of tomorrow... So will put all the Form and Style and Strength into it and draw inspiration from Sagan in the Classics, which will be my view for those loverly 20 minutes.

That's it. Feels like a goodbye letter, but I'll be back here tomorrow with results and analysis ;)