A much, much better idea.

The Tour Of Sufferlandria is just around the corner.
One week to go.
I've decided that it's going to be easy, so I have a much, much better idea.
I'm going to ride into a Knighthood on the last day.
See? Now, this is an excellent idea, just like winning the Most Aggressive Rider's Award on that snowy Giro mountain stage from ISLTA.

The last day of the Tour is 3-stages long. So, if I'm going to be around 3 hours in the saddle anyway, then why not push on for another 7 hours or so?
A Knight of Sufferlandria is on my todo list for H1 this year anyway, and the 3-stage jump start is just what I need to give me momentum to keep going.
So what I'm thinking is to ride the Tour backward upon completion.

Here are the stages: https://thesufferfest.com/pages/tour-of-sufferlandria-2020-the-stages

So I'll start with the 9th and last stage: "Grunter's Gran Fondo" -
Power Station + 2. Angels + 3. Thin Air
Then, backtrack, replacing workouts for KoS eligibility as needed:

4. 14 Vise Grips
5. Hell Hath No Fury
6. Violator/Revolver
7. Team Scream
9. Fight Club
10. There Is No Try

Intensity will remain "Focused" more or less, so not at 100%, of course.

Some of the above I've yet to ride, so I may change the list a bit if I see that they're not ideal for the Knighthood Attempt (although There Is No Try!)

The focus now is logistics.
Feb 23rd is Sunday, which, alas, is a working day here.
Luckily, I'm out of a job ;)
But, have to check with S.O. if she's around in the afternoon or if I have to go pick up the little one at 14:00. If so, then I need to wrap this up by 13:00ish, meaning I'll be starting waaaay early in the AM. This also comes with the morning rush hour maneuvering around me, but that is probably easier, and faster, than having everyone here in the afternoon. We shall see.

[gasp! S.O. said something about being abroad on those dates, so everything is yet to be seen, but I'm laying the foundations right here, right now]

There are some useful guides here:
and here:

So in short:

  1. Lots of food/drink
  2. Change of clothes
  3. Backup recording (bike computer / pc / social)
  4. Empty house

To make things even more interesting, I'm going to do the Knighthood ride as a prep ride for vEveresting later this year.
See? that's even a better idea than that last one!
vEveresting (on Zwift, Alp du Zwift) is over 200km and takes longer than riding into a KoS.
It's also not an ERG ride, so potentially more difficult - although a KoS can easily be adjusted to be too challenging to finish.

With that plan in mind, it's a little pathetic that I've only raised $40 so far for the Davis Phinney Foundation so, if you're reading this, please make a small contribution to either:
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3. Spur me on
4. Do something good for someone else
5. Pay a small token for your entertainment in my Suffering

This donation isn't going to me or my direct benefit, but doing something for a more significant cause, and helping others along the way, provides a backwind of motivation and commitment.
Your help will only make it stronger.
So go ahead, click here now and donate:

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