Torture Chamber Set up

A couple of days ago, we reviewed the first two weeks of the Journey.
Yesterday was a Rest Day flavored with some Yoga and the MTP session named "Relaxing to Recover."
It's rather enjoyable. About 20 minutes in which you flow through a contraction-relaxation routine from head to toe. Some background music adds a lot, and, if you are lucky enough to find 25 minutes of uninterrupted stillness (i.e., no kids screaming in the background that they don't want to take a shower, no SO on the phone, no doors opening and closing, no people coming in and out because your torture chamber also happens to be their playroom...etc) then it's wonderfully meditating.
Today is just a Strength session with a recovery spin — nothing to write home about.

So instead, let's paint the background picture with details of the torture chamber set up:

Trainer: Tacx Neo (1st. Gen) Smart as they get.
This trainer is by far the best thing I've spent money on this decade, except the bike, of course, and plane tickets to Switzerland.
My only issue with it is that it can lean to the right (drive side) if not set up correctly.
Also, I regularly warp the Tacx QR. I think that a lot of torque is applied on the drive side of the Tacx Neo and hope that they fixed it in the Neo 2, or T2, or whatever comes next. These days I close the QR with a wooden hammer; otherwise, I can easily knock the bike out of the QR's grasp with a strong effort or sprint.
Other than that, love it. Best thing ever.

Bike: Trek Madone Series 7 2013. Full Shimano Dura-Ace.
Front-wheel is some aluminum junk I have from an old bike. I am saving the Bontrager Aeolus Carbon for the road.

Fan: biggest floor-standing I could find, alu blades, and usually combined with the AC on full.
All that is sitting on a Yoga mat to buffer the Holy Water from the floor (not to mention saliva, phlegm, and other coughed up gunk).

Computers: 2 PC with virtually the same set up (Win10, ANT+, Direct LAN). I run The Sufferfest App on one, and Zwift on the other. This is my double-dipping mode of doing the training on SUF, but accumulating km's on Zwift.
I did the same while training with Xert - using the Xert app to control the trainer, and executing on Zwift.
Zwift shares to Strava; Strava to TrainingPeaks + Final Surge*.
*Final Surge is a GREAT alternative to TrainingPeaks. Free for athletes, all you need really. The only reason for TP right now is the Strava connection. You can get all the SUF plans on FinalSurge, so no worries there.

Here's a photo.