You. Can. Do. This.

You. Can. Do. This.

The final words on the "Positive Self-Talk" MTP session (The Sufferfect Mental Training Program).
It's not the first time I've completed this little exercise, and the value keeps coming back with interest.
In this session, you'll learn about the types of self-talk:
  • Motivational: "you can do this!"
  • Instructional: "Keep spinning those legs at 100rpm."
  • Reward: "You did it, you crazy SOaB."

And get some pointers on how to listen to your self-talk and direct it to the Positive, so the outcome is in your favor.

If you've ever pushed hard enough, you know it works.

A few months ago, I decided it was time to ride the Uber pretzel on Zwift
I ventured outside the Torture Chamber and set up a mobile Pain Infliction Unit outside on my porch. T'was a lovely day, and I felt oddly positive.
4 hours later, and rather loudly, while shredding chamois up the Alpe du Zwift's +10% grades, audible to passersby were my chantings of:
"4km to go. You can do this."
"This doesn't hurt at all."
"Fun, this is."
"Just keep those legs turning."
At this time, "Positive Self-Talk" as a methodology was unknown to me, yet instinctively applied, and worked.

I'm finding the MTP to be a key component of my Quest for Mt. Sufferlandria, and grateful for its inclusion in the Journey.

Today, I rode "Nine Hammers" again. 
This ride is basically:
3 sets of 3 intervals: 
[ 3min FTP | 3min VO2 | 3min VO2 ]
About 1.5-2 minute rest between intervals, and 2.5-3 between sets.
The first time I rode this, just before starting this Journey, I reached Failure in the last ramp-up. The final minute at well over 5W/kg at 100rpm, after having spent 2 minutes deep in VO2land, was too much.
Today, however, Positive Self Talk got me through it.
I don't recall the exact profanities, but they made all the difference.

You. Can. Do. This.

XERT is great to monitor your progress
Nine Hammers, because why choose?!